Napstart is a startup mate based in the heart of Cape Town, one of few leading entrepreneurial hubs in Africa. Our aim is to develop entrepreneurs and their business ideas to align better with the minimum standards required for business incubation.  

Our mission is to foster entrepreneurship with a bottom-up approach, to stimulate pro-active behavior and promote capability transfer with action-based learning. We want to advance sustainable venture formation to positively impact people’s lives, and hopefully, uplift societal living standards.

   How will we deliver… We offer novel, accessible and practical value to new entrepreneurs by simplifying complex tools and techniques in action-based learning programmes and business coaching sessions.

Our framework is developed to help entrepreneurs explore ideas, develop opportunities and align new venture formation processes.

Therefore, nap-it out and start-it up!   

About Us

Napstart was founded on the idea that entrepreneurship and the process of becoming entrepreneurial should incorporate novelty, accessibility and practicality to make it easier to understand and simpler to apply. We further belief in pro-activeness and co-creation, meaning that new founders will be actively involved in all processes, stimulating capability transfer.

Napstart offer a framework for new entrepreneurs to learn relevant content in a simplistic manner.  Providing tools, building blocks, and guidance to individuals and teams during ideation, opportunity development, business model design and new venture formation. To do this, Napstart integrate insights from academia and practice, considering views from seasoned entrepreneurs, business consultants, mentors, business coaches and business developers alike.

Although we are based in the mother city of Cape Town, it does not limit our reach. Napstart use virtual meetings, webinars and virtual engagement sessions to mates that are far and about. In this way, we make professional training and business coaching more accessible.

What We Do

Napstart assist new entrepreneurs in their entrepreneurial journey – from idea exploration, opportunity development and evaluation, to creating a new venture. We co-explore with a coachee and learners – best options, strategic goals, action plans, and ways to remain committed. Our aim is to stimulate entrepreneurial action by way of action learning. Using professional training programmes and business coaching to develop and transform new entrepreneurs. To do this, we focus mainly on: 

Developing ideas

Napstart help prospective founders to generate and develop ideas, using ideation and design thinking techniques. We then help to transform these developed ideas into desirable and feasible opportunities.

The start-up process

Napstart simplify the startup process by tying new entrepreneurs needs with market demands, and then help entrepreneurs to understand the crucial steps in starting a business.

Business model development

Napstart assist new entrepreneurs to view their value proposition in terms of specific target markets and the channels to reach them. To identify capability needs, and also show how external influences can impact a business. How to look at cost, resource needs, an stakeholder relationships. And then, explore some revenue models which should be aligned to each specific value proposition.

Designing legitimacy anchors

Napstart help new entrepreneurs to overcome the liability of newness by introducing certain tools and techniques to anchor the business within legitimate boundaries. And at the same time, suggest ways to make the business uniquely distinctive. Positioning the business to maximise market fit.

Formulate investor proposals

Napstart help new entrepreneurs to prepare for investment opportunities. We train new entrepreneurs to construct investment proposals and pitch decks.

Explore branding techniques

Napstart provide branding techniques which new entrepreneurs can apply to position their ventures more strategically. 

Our process

Make contact – the first step to nap-it out and start-it up – and tell us your story? 

André, a facilitator and ICF trained business coach, will then reply with an information bundle relevant to your needs, to explain available options and how each process works.

Our blog

Follow our blog and get more familiar with the terms, tools and techniques within the field of entrepreneurship and management.

Napstart offer you the opportunity to nap-it out and start-it up!

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