Napstart evolved, and now offers a platform that connects new ventures and current small to medium enterprises (SME’s) with suitable professionals in the field. We mainly focus on business formation, business development, and the essential organisational processes, practices and activities when employing.   

Our mission is to present new ventures and current SME’s with the crucial tools to develop and manage these processes, practices and activities in the business.

We aim to advance sustainable business formation and development to impact people’s lives positively, and hopefully, uplift societal living standards.

About us

Napstart was initially founded as a startup mate to help and guide new entrepreneurs with the process of starting a business. However, as these businesses grow and develop their needs change.

Napstart, therefore, had to evolve. We still provide a framework for new entrepreneurs to learn relevant content simplistically. Although now, we also connect growing businesses and established SME’s with suitable professionals who are experts in the field of human resources (HR), employee/industrial relations (IR), human capital development and business coaching.

Although we are in the mother city of Cape Town, it does not limit our reach. Napstart uses virtual meetings, webinars and virtual engagement sessions to clients that are far and about. In this way, we make professional services more accessible.

What We Do

Napstart help new business owners with the business formation process, share blogs and offer a variety of pre-designed tools and templates. We also connect suitable professionals with prospective clients, more established SME’s, to help with:

New business formation

Napstart helps new business owners to develop their business ideas, to identify an opportunity, and then construct a business model around their value proposition. Furthermore, we help you to design legitimacy anchors for the market you’ve selected, and we help you to explore branding techniques. When ready, we also formulate investor proposals with a pitch deck for you to present to a VC or angel investor.

Business development

Napstart applies design thinking techniques to stimulate creative thinking. It help employees discover and explore innovative solutions to grow and develop your business with new or improved processes, products or services.

Human resource practices and activities

Napstart connects suitable professionals with clients that need help with, or someone to manage their organisational HR processes. It includes policy development and revisions, HR strategic planning, legal compliance, recruitment and selection, employee contracts, employment equity, developing pay scales and link them to pay ranges, compensation and benefits, performance management and appraisals, ERP’s, employment programmes, and more…

Employee relations

Napstart connects suitable professionals with clients that need help with, or someone to manage their employee/industrial relations (IR).  It includes: legal compliance, handling disputes, facilitate conflict resolutions, employee grievances, help with problem situations, union negotiations and collective agreements, and more.

Human capital development

Napstart connects suitable professionals with clients that need help with, or someone to manage their training and development within the organisation. It includes legal compliance, skill audits, developing workplace skill plans (WSP), drawing benefits from the National Skill Levy, talent management and retention, leadership development, succession planning, and more.

Business coaching

Napstart connects suitable professionals with clients that need business coaching for themselves, their employees or a group.  Coaches apply different frameworks, depending on the situation, to unlock potential and guide change in the organisation.


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Our blog

Follow our blog and get more familiar with industry terms, tools and techniques.

Napstart offer you the opportunity to nap-it out and start-it up!

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