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Exploring entrepreneurship


(1) What does the concept of entrepreneurship mean and how does entrepreneurship contribute to society?

(2) How does globalization, legislation and an entrepreneurial culture effects entrepreneurial behaviour?

(3) In light of an opportunity, what does this actually mean?

(4) Why is entrepreneurship important for the world, a country, the entrepreneurial ecosystem and the entrepreneur?

(5) How does entrepreneurship develop?

(6) How does an idea transform into an opportunity and then into the process of starting a new venture?

What to expect…

These questions are looked at, to give a clearer understanding of where entrepreneurship fits within the larger economic context, and also describe broadly how entrepreneurship is developed. We will then look at why some entrepreneurs are competent in controlling uncertainty, while others struggle to manage risk associated with venture creation and opportunity exploitation.

After we deal with the macro context of entrepreneurship, we will venture into the more micro elements of the venture formation process, starting with the two different, though often confused, enterprise entities for starting a new venture. Then, we will delve into how an idea is actually transformed into an entrepreneurial intention and then progressed into entrepreneurial action –action that is in practice the starting point of new venture creation, and seen by many as the qualifying criterion of being entrepreneurial.

Lastly, we will venture into the entrepreneurial process and the core attributes of successful entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial process is complex, dynamic and time dependent, limiting the description in this discussion to an informational overview only.


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